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At Custom Ag Services LLC, we provide turnkey land clearing services with specialized equipment for quick and efficient vegetation and stump clearing.

We do things better than the conventional method and maintain social ecology which helps erosion. From brush cleaning and invasive removal to hunting plots and commercial clear cutting, there's no commercial land clearing job too large or small for our licensed and insured team.

For a FREE estimate, call (717) 239-9970 or use our convenient online form.

Complete Turnkey Land Clearing Services

  • Brush clearing

  • Invasive removal

  • Building lots

  • Large residential lots

  • Overgrown fields

  • Right of way clearing

  • Hunting plots

  • Commercial clear cutting

30 acres of woods cleared for farm land

After the valuable lumber was removed we piled the tops and burned them, and then went through with stump grinder and ground stumps.

Then we did a pass with the mulcher to grind remaining material and to help smooth surface. Finished job shown in last two pics.

Vegetation Clearing
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